Networking and Computer Solutions   ©  2009 - 2010 Telephone: 905-876-3935 (905-599-8536) | Email:  Sitemap You turn on your computer, and a few seconds later a message pops up on your screen: Inaccessible boot device After a few minutes of trouble shooting (maybe even a service call) you realize your hard drive has failed. You have just lost everything. A panic starts to set in, all of your pictures, documents, emails….What am I going to do? Everything will have to be re-installed. The operating system, all the security updates, programs, will it ever be the same?  This could get costly, and you still won’t have any of your lost data. Some name brand computers store the operating system recovery data on a partition that is stored on the same hard drive that has just failed. Maybe you run a home office or small business and have just lost irreplaceable client data, and you can’t afford the down time involved in getting your system back to what it was before the crash. You don’t need to worry, you had Networking and Computer Solutions come in and take an image backup of your hard drive. A quick phone call, a purchase of a new hard drive, and we can restore your backed up image and you are back up and running like nothing ever happened. (Some conditions apply) The same scenario should be considered in case of fire, flood, and theft. Maybe you already have a backup procedure. Let us come in a do a FREE assessment of your backup procedure. Other backup solutions are available. Contact us for any questions Consider this scenario: